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From the Desk of Lynn: I Really Want a White Sofa But...


After returning from the High Point Furniture Market in April, I find myself dreaming about owning a white sofa.  My sofa world has been comfy brown leather for a long time, so a white sofa is a significant lifestyle change.  The decisions and questions begin:


Do I go with a beautiful glam sofa from Bernhardt in a soft white velvet?  My favorite is the Perkins sofa. Beautiful, yes, but not entirely my style.  I can’t see this beautiful sofa with gold metal legs working with my collection of antiques and dark walls.  There would have to be too many other changes required to make this work.

How about a traditional sofa from Temple, maybe in a white textured, tweed?  Temple is always functional and comfortable, but perhaps just not risky enough.  I know I won’t go wrong with a Temple sofa, but I keep telling myself...lifestyle change!

havens slipcover.jpg

So, I think I’ve settled on the best choice for my new look.  The Havens sofa from Robin Bruce.  Their selection of white fabrics is enormous, plus they have all their “Kid-Proof” performance fabrics for easier cleaning.  And  I think I’m going to go with the slip-covered Havens sofa, just in case I decide I don’t want that beautiful white sofa forever (I guess I am a bit of a chicken about change).

Lynn Blaser