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Bring on Fall


How does time fly by so fast? It feels as if we were just looking at spring trends for home design and talking about summer vacation plans? It is just like Oscar Wilde said: “And all at once summer collapsed into fall.” Seeing the new season on the horizon we thought it would be fun to showcase some fall trends for not only the home but life in general.  So, grab your glass of wine and keep reading! 

Home Design: 

  • Dark Colors: We continue to see these in our design projects. Deep colors accented with metals such as gold and silver. Greens, navy, and even black have made a resurgence on walls, floors, and ceilings. 

  • Black & White Kitchens: Yes! One of our favorites. The contrast of light and dark is classic as well as sophisticated. Perfect for decorating this fall no matter what holiday you are celebrating. 

  • Free Standing Dining Benches: This concept is perfect for small dine-in kitchens and for flexible dining during the holidays when there are more at the table than usual. 

  • Velvet: Is that velvet? Why yes indeed it is and everyone is in love with it. From pillows to sectionals velvet is back and not just for fall and winter but it has turned into an all year round acceptable fabric. 

  • Open Shelving: During the spring and summer months we long to be free of the inside world, of the walls around us but when winter arrives suddenly that changes as the cold becomes our reality. (Especially here in the midwest) Open shelving gives your space room to breathe, and also allows for guests to feel like your home is an oasis of open space ready for enjoyment. 


  • Lots of Color: Burgundy, violet, red, blue, burnt and bright orange are all popular this year! Use them in your wardrobe, your home, your make-up, and food choices! 

  • Speaking of Orange: Orange wine is a thing and we can’t wait to try it, our sources tell us that you can even pick it up at Aldi. 

  • Meditation: This isn’t a new concept but with everyone’s busy lives it makes sense to at least try it. Apps such as Headspace, Calm and Aura have gained popularity this year. If you are currently using one comment below to share how it's going! 

We know that summer is labeled the “fun” season with plenty of sun and outside games but fall and winter have a special place in our design hearts as well. The holidays, Chiefs football season, leaves turning into brilliant colors before falling to the ground, all of these moments are easily forgotten while at the pool enjoying a sangria, however, as we move into the second half of the year perhaps the words “we are just getting started” are appropriate. 

Bring on Fall.

Allison Dollar