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Using the Color Black in Your Home Design

When you think of sprucing up your space do you think of adding the color black?  If not here are a few reasons you should open your mind and heart to the thought of it. Black is all around us in design, sometimes in a bold way, sometimes subtle. Using it in your home isn’t difficult but with all home design projects, it is important to have a plan, using the color with intention in conjunction with your overall vision.   

Black is a Neutral Color.  It goes with almost every color imaginable. Pair it with red for a bold statement or with a metallic such as gold or silver, it even works with lighter colors such as lavender or mint green.    

Small Spaces: The color black is perfect for small spaces, paint walls or wood grains black so they stand out.  Take a moment to look at our gallery below for inspiration. 

Stylish: Black doesn’t go out of style. Ever. Think about the little black dress, most of us own one and have for years because unless our size changes, the dress can still be worn and be stylish. The same holds true for using black in your home.  Trends come and go, bold colors, soft colors but black remains. Some of the images below showcase the various ways to use black, wallpaper, wrought iron staircases, ceilings and more.  

Once again we believe that the only limitations on how you use the color black in your home are the ones you create. As you can see black works with modern, romantic, rustic and traditional design, allowing you to use it in your own way to showcase personality within your home. 

Allison Dollar