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Organization...A Blog Series by A&M Home Furnishings


We seem to be on a constant journey to get organized. Whether it's at home, work, the car, your gym bag...the list continues on and on doesn’t it? This year we thought it would benefit all of us if we took this journey together, sharing tips on getting organized, staying organized and being consistent with it so next year at this time the resolution “get organized” doesn’t even make it to a list.

This month let’s begin with the kitchen. It’s a place we can all agree on needs to be organized. Having this space organized frees up time for doing other things, such as drinking wine, reading a book or even taking a nap. Here are several ideas that we are fond of, but we are always open to more, so if you have an amazing kitchen organization tip please share it in the comments section below!

  1. Fold Items Upright: This allows you to see what you have, no digging involved. Tea towels can be folded and stacked in a file format for ease.(Source: The Neat Method- picture above)

  2. Pots & Pans: Don’t take up precious cabinet space for these, simply hang them up. Use hooks to distribute accordingly over the kitchen space as seen here.

  3. Add a Cord Keeper to Appliances: This will allow you to reach for the air fryer, mixer, blender or indoor grill without the cords being in the way and causing stress.

  4. Hang a Towel Bar: Place one over the sink, use it for hand towels, large utensils,  it looks good and makes reaching for what you need efficient.

  5. Stand Bags in the Freezer: This is so easy, stand your frozen foods up instead of laying them down, you can still see what they are but won’t have to dig. Yay!


Don’t forget to visit our blog page often for more tips on how to stay organized. What part of the home is the hardest for you to keep organized and uncluttered? Let us know so as we continue to share tips this year we can include it and hopefully be helpful!