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Wallpaper is Back! Are You in Love Yet?


Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath in then out.  Now picture your grandmother’s bathroom. That’s right, it won’t take much for you to do this, our guess is there was some sort of greenery involved, perhaps a fern or ivy with a shade of pink somewhere.

Are we close? Can you see it? Maybe even smell the Estee Lauder perfume she used to wear as well.  

Today wallpaper is making a comeback, from metallic designs to bold floral prints the way we use it in our space has dramatically changed. A few of our favorite spaces that incorporate wallpaper and the new ways to use it in home decor are showcased below.


This textured wallpaper gives this space an upgrade. Real brick walls are normally expensive and messy, this option gives the feeling of an updated older space without any the fuss.

Another favorite of ours is this metallic option, giving this space a modern feel of its own. The warmth of the gold wall brings simplistic furniture pieces together easily.

Even if you live in an apartment wallpaper can be an option. The self-adhesive back allows for easy placement and removal.
We also love the look of wallpaper behind a boring glass display or bookshelf. Take a look below and allow the inspiration for your own home to seep in.

Last but not least, 3D wallpaper. Oh yes, its a thing and it is amazing. Take a look for yourselves.

With so many wallpaper options available deciding on which one is harder than ever. Our only question is how will you use it in your space? Share with us in the comments, we can’t wait to see!

Allison Dollar