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In Home Design Consultation

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If you have visited our website lately then perhaps you might have seen the “Request a Design Consult” button in the upper right-hand corner. When designing our new website last fall adding this option for our clients was important. Each of us lives in a world where we barely have time for ourselves so shopping for furniture, measuring walls for artwork or planning the layout of a new space within our home or office can be overwhelming.

For over twenty years we have helped our clientele select pieces for their home and we have often visited their homes for design consultations. Until this new website, a design consultation was a service we offered but didn’t advertise. Making the decision to share this service with all of you, especially in today’s world was easy. Below are a few reasons we feel using a designer is essential.

  • Professional Eyes: Designers just see things differently. Their ability to look at a space, summarize its features and benefits, articulate that back to the client make selecting the right items for your home easier.

  • Expensive to Make Mistakes: Yes it certainly is. Choosing the right piece for your home can be expensive if you make the wrong selections. Having a professional to guide you through the selection process is not only comforting emotionally but kind to the bank account.

  • Time Saver: We all have busy lives in today’s world. Family time, work, vacations and everything else in between, it all leaves us exhausted. Allowing a professional into your home, sharing your likes, dislikes, needs, wants and vision is a refreshing experience. Let the professional bring your vision to life while you handle everything else.

  • Nothing to Lose: Yes we have a consulting fee but that fee is placed towards your purchase so technically it’s an investment into the new space.

From beginning to end the process is seamless, our designers have years of experience. Our showroom is only a snapshot of the product we have access to, Sam Moore, Bernhardt, Hooker, Rowe, and the list continues.

We believe in taking the time to build a relationship with our clients, over the years we have started with one specific space, then over time worked our way through their home one room at a time making new friends along the way who we consider family.  If this is something that you feel may be beneficial for you please contact us for more information.

Allison Dollar