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Tips for Selecting Art

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Art is the perfect addition to any space. It works well with new furniture and pieces you already own. It can update a room very easily or change the style of it as various trends tend to come and go.

Selecting art for your home can be slightly overwhelming, here are a few tips from our designers on how to select the pieces you will love.

  • Like What You Like: When a piece of art speaks to you, let it. Different styles, colors, and themes invoke various emotions within us, allowing those emotions to assist in making a selection is a good thing. Bringing something personal into your home, a piece of work that means something to you, and your loved ones is a good thing.

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Selecting a piece for your office looks different than selecting a piece for your bedroom. Be aware of your space, know what your style, color selection, room size, wall space all look like before making a final decision.

  • No Matching: Being aware of your surroundings is good but don’t match your art to your room. Compliment the space or contrast it for interest, matching may cause the piece to get lost.

  • Variety is a Must: We encourage variety when selecting artwork. Expensive pieces paired with less expensive ones, modern with classic, vintage with romantic, all of it works together if done correctly. Excite your space with new, old, bright, and dull options.

Allison Dollar