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How to Select the Right Size Rug

You have made the decision to purchase new furniture for your home, it’s taken some time but finally, the perfect pieces have been ordered and will be delivered soon. Before you check this project off your list, don’t forget the rug.

A gorgeous rug will compliment each new piece of furniture the way it deserves, but where do you begin? Below are a few tips from our designers & a video from one of our favorite blog personalities, Emily Henderson.

  • Start at the Beginning: We recommend selecting a rug at the beginning of your design project. Flooring of any kind should not be an afterthought but included from the start of the redesign. Having an idea of how the furniture will be placed in the space will help narrow down your rug selection.  

  • Measure the Room/Consider Shape: Be sure to measure the entire room so you know the size of rug to begin looking at, falling in love with a rug that is the wrong size can be heartbreaking & deter the search. Knowing the size upfront allows you to only look at rugs within a certain range. Also, the shape of the room will dictate the shape of the rug. Round rugs are fun but won’t necessarily work in every size room. Consider the look you want to accomplish as well, if the space is a casual one then the rug should be welcoming and not too formal.

  • Bigger is Better: If you are between sizes its best to go up a size so there is more to work with rather than less. Layering rugs can also be a fun idea which allows you to add different textures and style

Now that you know how to begin the selection process be sure to have some fun. Look at various rugs, think about what you like and want for the space and enjoy the journey.


Allison Dollar