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Shabby Sofa Contest


Shabby: “In poor condition through long or hard use or lack of care”. That sounds about right! If your sofa fits this description then, by all means, continue reading this blog.

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March is the month of the sofa here at A&M Home Furnishings and we are having a “Shabby Sofa” Contest.

What Does That Mean? Well, we are giving away a sofa of your choice valued at $1800.

  • How To Enter: Make sure you “Like us” on Facebook or “Follow us” on Instagram. Take a picture of your old shabby sofa (that you probably love) post it on either Instagram or Facebook. Tag us @amhomefurnishings and use the hashtag #amshabbysofa. At the end of March, we will select the 3 Shabbiest Sofas and hold a vote via Facebook the first week of April. The three finalists will be notified via Facebook/Instagram prior to the voting so you can get your friends & family involved in voting!
  • How Do I Know if I Won?: Make sure we are connected via Facebook and Instagram. The winner will be notified via direct message on Facebook/Instagram.

Rules: We know, rules are no fun but to keep it fair it's a necessity!

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  • Must be your sofa, no google images of sofas that do not exist in your home

  • Sales tax & delivery of sofa is not included

  • Must reside in the KC area.

Allison Dollar