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Kid- Proof Furniture

Alright, you have made up your mind. It’s time to buy a new sofa.  You want a light, neutral sofa to sit atop the beautiful rug in your living space and brighten up the room. As you are envisioning how perfect it will look, your toddler comes running into the room with grape juice in hand and trips over the legos, you cringe. Not for your child’s safety but for the sofa.

You remember why buying a new sofa is so difficult. Life makes it hard to commit right now. We understand.

Dogs, kids, grandparents, kids, they are all reasons on why investing in a brand new piece of furniture is hard. Well, guess what. It doesn’t have to be anymore, technology has caught up with the furniture world and it is glorious.

The Kid-Proof line by Rowe offers a wide array of fabrics that will fit perfectly into your dream design. A great interior shouldn’t have to suffer because of sticky fingers, muddy feet, spills or the fear of red wine on the sofa after dinner.

Rowe’s Kid-Proof fabrics are stain resistant, one that resists most stains and spills and is treatable by blotting with a clean damp cloth. In addition to being stain resistant, they repel liquids as well. They’re durable for those energetic toddlers who like to use the living room as their personal “American Ninja Warrior” course. For the “fur-babies” in your life, some fabrics are odor resistant as well.

There is no reason to sacrifice your style because of the kiddos, pets or even a not-so-careful houseguest. This fabric is life-changing. You no longer have to cordon off your brand-new sofa from everyone in the family. Your formal living room doesn’t have to be so formal and there are so many fabric choices. Take a second to watch this video and when you are ready to commit, one of our designers would be more than happy to help!

Allison Dollar