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An Ultra Violet Moment



Well, we were way off, way off on last year’s predictions of what Pantone’s Color of the Year would be.  In December, Ultra Violet was selected as the color of 2018 by the professionals at the Pantone Color Institute, and while Kansas State fans are ecstatic, it took us a second to digest. Such a strong, bold color choice, especially right now when metallics are everywhere and muted shades continue to grow in popularity.

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Nevertheless, Ultra Violet, it is!

After meditating on the choice of the color, acceptance began. Looking at pieces for 2018 from fashion designers and home interior professionals we could see the shade coming alive. On Gucci’s catwalk a dull purple men’s suit, on Marni’s fall 2017 line-up (pictured right) a bright purple dress accented with turquoise accessories.

Wine glasses and table settings including the luxurious shade of violet have begun to appear as well. Wedding tablescapes too. Ultra Violet has been all around us even with the focus on muted shades and metallics but more of a secondary accent color.  

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Paired with gray instead of turquoise the shade is quieter. However, maybe now is the time to come forward and not be a second thought. Maybe this luxurious shade of purple, the one Queen Elizabeth I loved and respected so much, that she banned anyone outside of the royal family from wearing it, is truly amazing. Maybe it’s a color the world needs right now?  

Sam Moore Cheekie Club Chair 

Sam Moore Cheekie Club Chair 

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As you can see pairing it with bright colors works too. (Living Room below) Using it to accent your wedding day or just make you smile is fairly easy. As we relaxed with our research, the possibilities of Ultra Violet started to excite us and the year ahead. What else will we see? Handbags, shoes, unique artwork we can’t live without? Who knows but as 2018 kicks off, embracing the softly arrogant tone is easier than we thought. Maybe we all need a little extra Ultra Violet in our lives this year?



“The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” - Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.