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Making it Your Own


Choosing the perfect piece of furniture is tough. It’s not just the color but can also be the texture, the look, the size and how the piece makes you feel overall. Think back to when you chose your home, it took time.  Finding a perfect location with everything you needed and wanted was not an easy task. Until one day, walking into the perfect space it felt like home. Your home.

Furnishing your home mirrors this experience. That is where we can help. Our design showroom isn’t as large as others in the area but having been in town for over two decades we understand the relationship you will have with your furnishings over the years.  We thrive on our client relationships, taking the extra time and going the extra mile.

Here are a few things you may not know about us:

  • Unique: We encourage creativity. Being unique ourselves we believe that you should have our undivided attention and be able to choose what you like but we’re also here to help you think outside of your comfort zone!
  • Price Competitive: We are competitive with our prices, even matching when our competition has a price lower than ours.
  • Quality: We work with many of the same name brands as the large retailers. While we don’t display a line in its entirety in our showroom, we are happy to special order plus assist with any upholstery and customize  it for you from the fabric color to the frame.
  • Delivery Options: We deliver! Yes – you heard us – We deliver! We want this to be as seamless as possible.
  • Experience: We want you to be happy. Period. We have a personal approach to design and décor that allows us to establish a relationship with our clients, one that we hope will last a long time. We often utilize social media so you can choose your items, share them with us via Pinterest, allowing us to have a dialogue without traveling to the store.  And when you’re ready to order one piece or the entire room, it will be fun & easy!.

Interior design is a process not a project. We look forward to assisting in the creation of your perfect space.  

Allison Dollar