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Jump Into Bed, Layering That Is


When you’re ten years old you get irrational pleasure in destroying your neatly made bed. When you’re sixteen you spend countless hours hiding out from your parents in bed, daydreaming of your school crush. As an adult, there is nothing more satisfying than curling up in bed with a good book or your iPad and precious peace and quiet. It’s just a little less sweet if your bed feels unfinished or plain. Your bed should be a cozy blanket burrito of happiness. It should have yummy layers of softness, texture, and color. These five tips will help you create a bed that gives you those irrational ten-year-old giggles again.


Frame it
The trick here is to think of your bed as a room all its own. You want to create a safe haven of comfy. When your bed is properly framed it gives you the illusion of being in a cozy nook. The headboard and bed frame is the most obvious way to frame your bed. We love a masculine wood bed frame in a lighter shade of wood for contrast. We also love an upholstered bed frame for soft elegance. If you opt for having a more understated bed frame you can place a bench at the end of your bed to add a boundary. Nightstands with ample storage are also a great way to frame your bed and serve the purpose of keeping clutter out of sight.


Warm & Cold layers
This step would seem like basic knowledge but there is one layer most people forget or leave out. Starting your bedding with the fitted sheet, followed by the flat sheet is standard procedure. The next step is where most beds fall short. After the flat sheet, we encourage you to put down a light quilt or bedspread. This gives you an extra layer of color and texture but also allows you to stay cooler during summer months. After the quilt we recommend laying a folded comforter or duvet on the lower 2/3rds of your bed. This will give the look and feel of luxury hotel bedding and the option for extra warmth on chilly nights.


Pillow talk
Pillows are where you get to have the real fun. No, we aren’t talking about pillow fights, although, those are encouraged also. We are talking about layering different textures and designs to add pizazz to your bed. The base layer are your utility pillows, the ones you sleep on at night. These should match your sheet set. Layer oversized euro pillows over your utility pillows in a shade similar or matching your comforter for symmetry. After your euro pillows, go nuts! You can use throw pillows to style your bed however you like. We recommend using an odd number of throw pillows so that they appear to stack on your bed. These lamb fur pillows are one of our favorite accents.

Zen color code
One of the most important steps is to choose colors and patterns you can zen out on. Everyone is different, and we recognize that which is why we encourage you to choose colors that are soothing to you. Scientifically speaking cool tones are more relaxing. We love a minimal pattern duvet in a cool gray tone or some throw pillows in warm neutrals. If bright red or a busy floral pattern give you zen vibes then, by all means, deck your bed out in vibrant color and pattern.


Throw it Together
Last, toss a throw on the end of your bed in a chunky knit or fur material to add dimension. Don’t think too hard about perfection, it is called a “throw” for a reason. We want you to have a bed so cozy you want to climb in it and toss the blankets around just enough to nuzzle in. We hope these tips will help you create a bed that brings back all the joy and nostalgia of your adolescent pillow fights and the comfort of a luxury hotel.