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Important Rug Tips & Facts


Area rugs are one of the easiest ways to freshen and change the look of your room.  Even an inexpensive rug is an investment because you took the time to shop and search for the perfect look.  So we wanted to provide a few tips for extending the life of your new rug.

  • Vacuum your rug carefully.  The best type of vacuum is a canister vacuum without a beater bar, or even better, vacuum using the handheld attachment.  Vacuums have so much suction that they can often pull out the threads from the back of the rug unless used gently.  Avoid running the vacuum over the finished edges of a rug because this can loosen the fibers around the edges.  Also be careful of running the vacuum near any fringed edges.
  • All wool rugs will shed.  The shedding will subside over time, depending on the traffic and wear.  It typically takes over 20 vacuums to minimize shedding.  Some wool rugs will never completely stop shedding, so this is considered normal.
  • Loose fibers, or sprouts, are also a normal part of a new handmade rug.  You can remove the sprouts by snipping them off even with the rug pile using a small pair of scissors.  Do not pull the fiber out, this can cause damage to the backing of the rug.
  • A new rug might also have an odor.  These odors are caused by dyes and yarns that have been placed in a sealed wrap during shipping.  Most odors will disappear within a week once the rug is opened and removed from its wrapper.
  • Be aware that rugs will fade if exposed to direct sunlight and it is advised that your new rug should be rotated every 3-6 months to distribute wear and light.

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Allison Dollar