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Do Your Insides Match Your Outsides: Refresh Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor Life: We as humans are intrinsically procrastinators, it is in our nature. So naturally, we don’t freshen up our outdoor spaces until the summer heat has arrived and made itself at home. It is not until we are a few outdoor-dinner nights into summer that we notice the, rotting, sun-stained, furniture we are sitting on.This blog is meant to be a simple guide to help you refresh your outdoor space and create your user-friendly sunny sanctuary.

First, ask yourself the primary use of your outdoor space. Your focus may be creating a stylish space where kids can play. Perhaps, your focus is geared more toward entertaining large groups. Whatever your focus, it will help you determine the layout and style of your outdoor space.

Second, think territories. You want to create a mental outline of which spaces on your patio or deck will be used for which furniture to help keep your space from being cluttered or clunky. You wouldn’t want seating too close to the serving or cooking territory, it might create an uncomfortable situation for your guest. You also wouldn’t want your food preparation too far from your kitchen or the entrance to your home.


Rugs are the perfect tool for defining territories. If you have one large space they may come in handy to help you define your space, not to mention add a little color and style. The best, low maintenance, outdoor rugs are usually more synthetic and can be hosed off.

Third, choose furniture to suit your territories and the use of the space. Be mindful of how the furniture will be used and how your space is set up. A sectional piece brings guests together but a lounge chair could be the perfect choice for a beverage and book.


Lastly, fill in space with weather appropriate decor. Use outdoor lights around the space to frame it. If you have never considered hanging art outdoors, reconsider! We use the vendor Leftbank Art for a lot of our pieces and they have a line dedicated to weatherized pieces intended to be hung in outdoor spaces. This simple touch can elevate your space in an instant to create the feeling that it is an extension of your home.

Now that you are finished, make yourself a drink and enjoy your new space that will last for summers to come. You may find yourself tweaking accents here or there, but the layout and furniture choice will create a space designed to last.

Allison Dollar