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Color of the Year 2018

Every year Pantone selects its color of the year. As December approaches we are giddy with anticipation on what the color for 2018 will be, there are so many options and of course opinions.  In 2016, the blending of Serenity and Rose Quartz was a first, never before had two shades been selected. Pantone likes to keep us guessing from year to year; and this one will not be any different.

In fact, if we look at the trend of colors chosen over the years it is difficult to pinpoint a specific pattern. Colors have been selected for various reasons over the years, and we think 2018 will be similar to the groundbreaking choice from 2016. We predict that the color itself will lend towards the neutral yet metallic side of the color palette.  Metallics are so popular right now, in fashion as well as design.

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For the last ten years, colors chosen by the committee have been bold, vibrant, outgoing and on the border of surprising. This is the main reason we feel the color of the year will be one of the following, or at least in their respective color families.  The big question is if they do choose a metallic will it lean towards the gold family or the silver? Here are a few colors we think have a shot at being named the infamous color of the year.  


Big name fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel have used this color in their fall collections. From gowns to boots this glittery gem is popular.

8003C .jpg


Pantone could lean towards the gold side choosing something a bit darker. Even though this slide doesn’t show the sheen well, there is one. The light shine on top of the rich color screams out neutral with personality. But it isn’t as daring as a vibrant color which is why we are hesitant about its chances for the coveted title. (But we all can agree the color is gorgeous...right?)


This one could be it. Bold, metallic, sassy, color of the year worthy. This beauty mixes well with all of the above. A daring metallic that can be used with a 1930’s deco design or a modern rustic look.  This color is also already in play with fall fashion, Versace and Bottega have used this on their runways. Fashion and design have always paired themselves together, making this a top contender in our book.


Whatever color is the chosen one it surely will be one of substance. And it will hopefully be worth waiting for.

But enough about us, do you have any predictions? What color do you think will be named Pantone 2018?


Allison Dollar