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Choose Your Seat with Confidence


This month we celebrate the “seat” with our Annual Chair Event. Did you know that the chair, in its beginning state, was for the elite? It was a statement piece where the most important person in the room resided. This could be a noble, a royal, or a politician. In Greek history it could be Zeus, or Aphrodite.

Not a lot has changed over the centuries. We choose a chair for our grandfather to relax in, for ourselves to read a book in, or enjoy a glass of wine. In fact, if you think about it the chair hasn’t changed much since its inception. It can compliment a room, enhance a sofa, or stand on its own. The way you select the chair may have evolved more so than the chair itself.

Lynn, our founder, and owner of A&M Furnishings gives us the following tips on choosing the perfect seat, for your seat! Begin with the following questions:

  • Where is this chair going to be located? Location is important. A spare bedroom chair is different than a chair in the living room, where it is used daily.
  • Who is going to sit in this chair the most? Important for so many reasons. Is it grandpa or is it your five year old? Knowing who will use the chair the most will allow you to narrow down specifics, making the search easier and fun!
  • What other pieces of furniture are in the room? Be mindful of the other pieces already in the room. If you have leggy furniture maybe something with a skirt will create balance and vice versa.
  • Comfort versus accent? How often will this chair be used? Daily? Monthly? Special occasions only? All of these are points to consider. Does the fabric need to be protected from pets and children?

At the end of the day its all about having fun, not stressing out about making the perfect decision. Ask questions, check out fabric swatches to take home, and when the time is right…Choose your Seat!

Allison Dollar