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Keep it Simple

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In the immortal words of Don Draper “ Keep it Simple but Make it Significant.”

It is so easy to clutter up a room without realizing it. One more favorite pillow on the oversized chair, there is plenty of room, right?  Another painting from that local artist on the wall, a second seasonal floral arrangement on the sofa table, then one day as you walk from one end of the room to the other you realize it. There is way too much in this space.

Various studies show us that living a simple lifestyle reduces stress, helps us concentrate as well as be present in each moment in a wholehearted fashion. When our living (and work) space is simple, clean, and cohesive we not only feel better but function at higher levels.  

Here are a few suggestions we have for keeping your space simple yet … significant.

Simple Lifestyle
  • Choose One Quality Piece for your Space: When you aren’t trying to fit a lot into one room it is easier to concentrate on one item such as a sofa for a living room or bed for the bedroom. Make that your investment piece. Spend your money on it, make sure you love it first, but make that the showcase of the space. While it stands out, the minimalistic approach for the remainder of the space won’t be obvious but instead should help in adding balance.

  • Be Aware of Light in Your Space: Knowing how the light comes into the room is important. Use your window treatments to your advantage, directing the light as you wish. If you have poor natural lighting may be the statement piece mentioned above is a light fixture for the room.

  • It’s All About the Details: When you select only the items that matter most the details will speak for themselves. Maybe it’s an heirloom piece you choose to showcase, or a painting with an ornate frame, regardless when you choose one piece that is unique in its own way the room embraces it.

The minimalistic way of life may take a moment to adjust to, after all we are all guilty of “collecting” over the years without purging. As the year closes maybe this is the perfect time to start the process of looking at each item and establishing its worth within your living space.