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Inspiration & Pinterest


By now most of us have heard of Pinterest. But just in case you haven’t, it’s this wonderful place where a social media platform meets a search engine.  The boards on the site mimic those of a  memo board, the old school kind made of cork, where you actually “pinned” a recipe or a picture of something you loved with the intention of purchasing. We remember those days of cutting out pictures from Good Housekeeping or In Style Magazine only to hold onto them until you either memorized the recipe or purchased the adored item. Thanks to Pinterest we can search and “pin” in a virtual manner.  Boards on the platform range from fashion to recipes to fitness tips and more.

Pinterest gives us creative ideas for a birthday party, teacher gifts, holiday decorating or a new appetizer for the annual block party. Pinterest, without us knowing it, inspires us.  How do you turn this inspiration into a tool for decorating your home? Here are a few tips for current Pinterest fans or new ones!

  • Organize Your Boards: Especially if you are redesigning several spaces in your home. Each space should have it’s own board. Label them accordingly. If you are designing with a spouse create a board for their favorite pieces too. That way it will be easier to see what you like, they like and visualize it within that space.

  • Meditate On It: It’s easy to pin, fall in love, and click to purchase all in one moment but it is not always the best idea.  The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that the item is going to be on your board tomorrow, and the next day.  After you pin that sofa or bed take a day to go back and look at it again. If you are still in love, then share the pin with your designer or reach out to the vendor for more information about the piece.  Be sure to look at sizing, color, warranty, shipping rates and any other details that make sense before making a large purchase.

  • Share Your Board: That is right. Share your board, if you are working with a designer be sure they have access.  If you are not working with a designer share your board with a friend that is design savvy. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea, it will keep you on track with the overall vision of each space.  Pinterest has lots of items; you may begin with a Mid Century Modern vision then end up with rustic farm accessories. These items don’t usually work well together. Having a second set of eyes will allow you to stay on track with your vision.

  • Delete Items: This is so important. When you pin something in the heat of the moment then go back and wonder why the heck you did, and then remember that half a bottle of Merlot may have been part of the reason, it is ok to delete that pin. In all seriousness, you should delete any pin or board that is no longer relevant. Having pins that don’t make sense on your design boards will only clutter and confuse you when it’s time to make decisions.

Have Fun & Follow: Remember Pinterest is a social platform, so be social. Follow brands and people who inspire you. Stay up to date on their product, pin to your boards

Allison Dollar