Special Orders

When you visit A & M Home Furnishings we will often mention special ordering. We pride ourselves in being able to solve your home furnishing needs and working with our fantastic furniture sources, and that often involves special ordering your furniture, especially upholstery. We understand that it can be hard to visualize if you can’t “touch or feel” your furniture but that is where we try to help. We are not just trying to sell you a piece of furniture, we are helping you find that perfect piece of furniture, and we bear a large part of that responsibility.

Which is why we have the most liberal “special order policy” in the area. If we don’t do our part correctly and your special order just doesn’t work, we’ll take it back with no re-stocking fees or issues. Of course, some exceptions may apply but we will discuss that during the ordering process. So just in case you thought about ordering that hot pink leather sofa, it might be yours!

At A & M Home Furnishings, we don’t require you to sign a contract when ordering your furniture. We hope we are establishing a partnership with you to meet your furniture and home décor needs, so it is more of a handshake approach. We require a 30% deposit before ordering and then will contact you for the balance after the piece is delivered and everyone is happy!! Can it be any easier?

Give us an opportunity to earn your business and try to make your furniture shopping as stress free and enjoyable as possible. We think you will find it worth the visit.