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Summer Chair Sale!!

We love our chair sale- all special orders are 20% off!!  Plus we’ve filled the showroom with a variety of different styles to try and the fabric selections are fantastic.  Hope to see you soon and please feel free to contact us with any... read more

Jump Into Bed, Layering That Is

When you’re ten years old you get irrational pleasure in destroying your neatly made bed. When you’re sixteen you spend countless hours hiding out from your parents in bed, day dreaming of your school crush. As an adult there is nothing more satisfying than curling up in bed with a good book or your iPad and precious peace and quiet. It’s just a little less sweet if your bed feels unfinished or plain. Your bed should be a cozy blanket burrito of happiness. It should have yummy layers of softness, texture and color. These five tips will help you create a bed that gives you those irrational ten year old giggles again. Frame it The trick here is to think of your bed as a room all its own. You want to create a safe haven of comfy. When your bed is properly framed it gives you the illusion of being in a cozy nook. The headboard and bed frame are the most obvious way to frame your bed. We love a masculine wood bed frame in a lighter shade of wood for contrast. We also love an upholstered bed frame for soft elegance. If you opt for having a more understated bed frame you can place a bench at the end of your bed to add boundary. Night stands with ample storage are also a great way to frame your bed and serve the purpose of keeping clutter out of sight. Warm & Cold layers This step would seem like basic knowledge but there is one layer most people forget or leave out. Starting your bedding with the... read more

Summer Showroom Clearance Continues

With summer upon us, we are excited to announce that there are still several “hot” deals remaining in our Summer Showroom Clearance!  We actually just received new items today for our fall line up, so we need to make some room.  One of our best values is a beautiful sofa from Taylor King in a neutral fabric.  You are invited to visit us and sit in this super comfortable sofa & hopefully the floor model will work for you!  Plus, remember to follow us on Social Media for additional photos & promotions.  See you soon and stay... read more

Do Your Insides Match Your Outsides: Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Life: We as humans are intrinsically procrastinators, it is in our nature. So naturally we don’t freshen up our outdoor spaces until the summer heat has arrived and made itself at home. It is not until we are a few outdoor-dinner nights into summer that we notice the, rotting, sun-stained, furniture we are sitting on.This blog is meant to be a simple guide to help you refresh your outdoor space and create your user-friendly sunny sanctuary. First, ask yourself the primary use of your outdoor space. Your focus may be creating a stylish space where kids can play. Perhaps, your focus is geared more toward entertaining large groups. Whatever your focus, it will help you determine the layout and style of your outdoor space. Second, think territories. You want to create a mental outline of which spaces on your patio or deck will be used for which furniture to help keep your space from being cluttered or clunky. You wouldn’t want seating too close to the serving or cooking territory, it might create an uncomfortable situation for your guest. You also wouldn’t want your food preparation too far from your kitchen or the entrance to your home. Rugs are the perfect tool for defining territories. If your have one large space they may come in handy to help you define your space, not to mention add a little color and style. The best, low maintenance, outdoor rugs are usually more synthetic and can be hosed off. Third, choose furniture to suit your territories and the use of the space. Be mindful of how the furniture will be used and... read more

New Summer Hours!!

We love summer as much as everyone, so we’re going to start closing at 5PM everyday ( instead of 6PM). If you can’t make it  by 5PM & need to make an early evening “after hours appointment”, just let us know.  We are here to... read more

High Point Market – Spring Adventure 2017

Our trip to The High Point Market in North Carolina could easily be considered more play than work because of the shear excitement we get when picking new items for our show room. Despite the constant rain and long days we loved every second of being at market. That is why we wanted to share our experience with you, our audience. Market is always full to the brim with new furnishings and decor but this year the items were particularly fresh and exciting. Our first day at market we were able to visit two of our favorite show rooms, Bernhardt Designs and Hooker Furniture. Bernhardt featured new motion leather sectionals in a wonderful caramel color with a new articulating headrest feature, which elevates your lounge furniture experience entirely. Their new collections were striking and their showroom was busy with buyers and designers. It was a great first stop. Next, we visited Hooker Furniture to finish our Saturday evening. Their showcase introduction was called American Life which included collections Urban Elevation & Rosylin County. This collection had a little something for everyone. Hooker created a beautiful mid-west casual look that would also fit well into urban loft life by mixing warm woods with metals and soft fabrics. We went a little crazy with the new Storia collection office furniture for our personal use in the showroom. A great transitional look that is clean, crisp and functional. The next three days involved visits to our favorite upholstery showrooms including Rowe & Temple, several rug and accessory showrooms plus always being on the lookout for new manufacturers. We found several, but that... read more

Accessorize Your Space

“Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique.” – Yves Saint Laurent This statement is not only true about fashion but also about our homes. Accessorizing your home can seem daunting. Especially when you are looking at multiple rooms.  Here are a few tips from us to you on choosing accessories to complete your space. Start with a Rug: Working from the ground up seems less intimidating and the rug can be seen as a focal piece within the room. Choose it first then work from its palette. Seasonal Accessories: Have fun with the seasons and holidays. Changing pieces out will give your space personality and keep you from seeing the same pillows, plates, and candles everyday. Be Selective: Loving your accessories is a must. Don’t just display something in your home. Take the time to find pieces you love, after all you will be living with them. Multiples are a Good Thing: Repeated multiples of smaller items is a great trick. Small mirrors or pictures on a wall hung side by side or in a symmetrical fashion works very well. Pillows: Use various sizes, textures, patterns and colors to create your space. Be brave with them, investing in several so changing them out is easy when the mood suits you! Accessorizing your home is just as important as accessorizing yourself. Think about balance, choose pieces you love mixing in modern with classic and of course have fun!... read more

April Accessory Sale!!

Decorating your home can be a  challenge ( and not always fun), but sometimes all it takes is the perfect piece of art or unique lamp to make you smile & feel you are headed in the right direction.  That’s why we like to offer our accessory sale twice a year because it always help to save a bit of money while shopping for that perfect item!  All accessories, including special orders, are 20% off during the month of April.  We would love to help you find that art, rug or lamp you’ve been seeking so we hope to see you... read more

Making it Your Own

Choosing the perfect piece of furniture is tough. It’s not just the color but can also be the texture, the look, the size and how the piece makes you feel overall. Think back to when you chose your home, it took time.  Finding a perfect location with everything you needed and wanted was not an easy task. Until one day, walking into the perfect space it felt like home. Your home. Furnishing your home mirrors this experience. That is where we can help. Our design showroom isn’t as large as others in the area but having been in town for over two decades we understand the relationship you will have with your furnishings over the years.  We thrive on our client relationships, taking the extra time and going the extra mile. Here are a few things you may not know about us: Unique: We encourage creativity. Being unique ourselves we believe that you should have our undivided attention and be able to choose what you like but we’re also here to help you think outside of your comfort zone! Price Competitive: We are competitive with our prices, even matching when our competition has a price lower than ours. Quality: We work with many of the same name brands as the large retailers. While we don’t display a line in its entirety in our showroom, we are happy to special order plus assist with any upholstery and customize  it for you from the fabric color to the frame. Delivery Options: We deliver! Yes – you heard us – We deliver! We want this to be as seamless as possible. Experience:... read more

Choosing Your Accent Pieces

Accent Furniture by definition is “any piece of furniture used to add decoration to a space or other piece of furniture.” It seems fairly cut and dry but choosing the perfect accent piece can sometimes be overwhelming. Below are some tips that may help: Don’t Use too Many Accent Pieces: Keep in mind the more pieces you have the less any one piece will stand out – keeping things simple is best. Think about Size & the Importance of Function: If you choose a piece that barely fits in the room, actually using it may be more of a problem than you want. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: Color is not a bad thing. Neutral tones will stay in “fashion” longer but color can give your space a little spark. Remember to have fun choosing your accent pieces. These pieces can be fluid, even move from one space to another as the decorating process is never really... read more

A Warm Welcome to Mary

Mary Van Becelaere is our newest designer at A&M with over thirty five years’ experience in the interior design business. Mary was the owner of her own store in Littleton, CO and recently moved back to Kansas City to be closer to her family, especially her grandchildren. We are excited to welcome her to our team! When asked why she loves interior design Mary says, “It’s my passion. Looking at a room or a space and transforming it into a welcoming place is so much fun. I enjoy making things beautiful!” Mary is inspired by many aspects of the design industry. A favorite designer she enjoys is Sarah Richardson, a Canadian designer who has a crisp fresh look to her design style. Black is a favorite accent color of Mary’s, using it often in her creations. When asked her overall favorite color she shares “the many versions of jade”. While Mary is still adjusting being back in Kansas City, she believes that she will soon be settled and ready to work on a new “fix & flip”, another one of her pastimes affiliated with design. Mary is “very pleased to be at A&M” and we are very pleased to have her. Welcome... read more

Accent Furniture Sale Starts Today!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the chair sale during February- we sold a lot of seats!  During the month of March, we’re offering special pricing on all accent furniture, including special orders.  We have many great pieces in the showroom that can be picked up or delivered quickly, or we can  browse through our wide variety of vendors to find that perfect accent piece for your home.  Sometimes the addition of one great item can pull the entire room together- and we would love to help! So, great savings through the month of March on all accent furniture plus several floor models drastically reduced to make room for new beautiful items arriving daily!  We hope to see you... read more

Choose Your Seat with Confidence

This month we celebrate the “seat” with our Annual Chair Event. Did you know that the chair, in its beginning state, was for the elite? It was a statement piece where the most important person in the room resided. This could be a noble, a royal, or a politician. In Greek history it could be Zeus, or Aphrodite. Not a lot has changed over the centuries. We choose a chair for our grandfather to relax in, for ourselves to read a book in, or enjoy a glass of wine. In fact, if you think about it the chair hasn’t changed much since its inception. It can compliment a room, enhance a sofa, or stand on its own. The way you select the chair may have evolved more so than the chair itself. Lynn, our founder, and owner of A&M Furnishings gives us the following tips on choosing the perfect seat, for your seat! Begin with the following questions: Where is this chair going to be located? Location is important. A spare bedroom chair is different than a chair in the living room, where it is used daily. Who is going to sit in this chair the most? Important for so many reasons. Is it grandpa or is it your five year old? Knowing who will use the chair the most will allow you to narrow down specifics, making the search easier and fun! What other pieces of furniture are in the room? Be mindful of the other pieces already in the room. If you have leggy furniture maybe something with a skirt will create balance and vice versa. Comfort... read more

We Are In Love….with Pinterest

Do you love being on Pinterest daydreaming about the space you have always wanted? Maybe you sit on your sofa with a glass of wine after a hectic day looking at your recommendations or searching for something special. Board by board your dream home comes together in the digital space. As your mind wanders, imagining yourself in that room, on that bed or sofa you wonder aloud…”if only redecorating my home was this easy?” Well it is. Our in house designer Georgia Jones uses Pinterest to help her busy clients choose the perfect items on a daily basis. Being able to search, choose, pin and communicate with Georgia via this social platform has helped so many of our clients. After the initial client meeting Georgia creates the boards needed, searches along with our clients for pieces they love, makes recommendations, places the orders then as the pieces begin to arrive in our showroom, makes plans for delivery and set-up. Having the flexibility to look for items over the course of the day gives our clients the flexibility they deserve and need in fast paced world we live in. Pinterest has opened up a whole new way of design for us, allowing the personalized experience to evolve. Our clients are busy, they are parents, professionals, and everything else in between with schedules that limit them, using this platform allows us to assist on a whole new level and we love it. Next time you visit us ask how we can incorporate Pinterest to help with your redecorating needs, in the meantime here is the link to our page. Don’t forget... read more

Annual Chair Sale during February!

Our Annual Chair Sale has begun!  We are offering 20% off all special order chairs which includes recliners, swivel chairs & dining chairs.  Plus, many of our showroom chairs are marked at special pricing to make room for new spring items  ( several dining chairs are priced two for the price of one), so please swing by and take a look.  We would love to help you find that comfy, perfect... read more

Excuse Us While We Brag!

Recently we had the honor of partnering with two local designers, Rhonda Curry and Gail Gard Anderson. Their client, Sorrento, a luxury apartment complex in Overland Park owned by the Price Brothers Management Company, which caters to residents 55 and over, recently opened their doors, showcasing the below rooms for potential residents. Gail and Rhonda with the design vision choose accessories and furniture pieces from our various collections. We had so much fun assisting in this project with these ladies. The finished spaces are gorgeous; we of course have to brag a bit! Thank you ladies for choosing us to work with, it was a... read more

The Holidays are over, but Winter is still here!

All of us at A&M Home Furnishings hope you had a wonderful holiday.  We enjoyed our time with family, friends, and of course all the food, but now it’s time to get serious about 2017.  Our showroom is a bit disorganized while we are placing all the new spring arrivals, plus we’re trying to paint & freshen our look…just like you might be wanting to do at home!  We understand your desire to redecorate & would love to help.  We are also planning our 2017 sales event calendar so keep checking in for news & updates, or follow us on social media & subscribe to our monthly newsletter so you won’t miss... read more

The Challenge of Decorating/Remodeling With a Man

The first thing (and perhaps most important thing) you need to know when you involve the average man in your plans to decorate/redecorate your home… if he says “I don’t hate it.” That’s good enough. Here’s the deal. You’ve probably spent countless hours poring over paint colors and fabrics. You’ve thumbed through every imaginable magazine looking at room settings. You’ve considered thirty different styles of couches. You’ve consulted numerous times with your “decorator” friends. For the last two weeks you haven’t had a restful nights sleep because you’ve been debating with yourself about whether to use wainscoting in the dining room. Now, after weeks of planning you can’t wait to show it to your male significant other. He glances at it and says with a cursory nod, “Uh-huh.” But what the heck does that mean? You want him to like it as much as you do, so you start feeling guilty that he doesn’t really like it. This makes you doubt your choices. After all, he’s going to be living with it too. In fact, you want him to LOVE it. I’m here to tell you, if he says “I don’t hate it,” that’s GOOD ENOUGH. Things have changed in the decorating world over the last several years. Men and women are spending lots of time with the TV, watching home renovation and redecorating shows. It turns out that more guys than you can shake a Sherwin Williams paint stick at are interested in redecorating. And they are interested in more than just the manly art of ripping plaster board off the walls. “Men are now as likely as... read more

December Holiday Specials!

We are participating in a national Hooker Furniture Accent Sale through December 12th, but thought we would offer the same savings on EVERYTHING!!  We are offering a 30% discount on one item of your choice plus 15% off all additional items.  This promotion applies to most in stock merchandise as well as special orders  (excludes Temple Body Builders upholstery & already discounted items). We have many items available in our showroom for immediate purchase but as always, we would love to help you select something special from our 40+ wonderful vendors, AND  with this holiday promotion, the SAVINGS are great!! Delivery & 12 month interest free financing are also available, so we hope to see you... read more

Armoire History

So, you think you know what an Armoire is? You probably think of an armoire as a large piece of furniture for hanging clothes. And you would be right, but an armoire has been and continues to be much more useful. But before we talk about the versatility of the armoire let’s talk about its origins. Armoire is a French word.  So that means the armoire originated in France, right? That’s a reasonable guess, but in fact we can trace its origin back to the late 12th century Old French word armarie, which came from the Latin armarium, a closet or chest or a place for implements, tools and arms. In the 14th century the English changed the name to ambry, A storeroom or cupboard; pantry. And then, some 150 years later the French reclaimed the name from the English for this piece of furniture and it’s been called an armoire ever since. The modern day dictionary definition of an armoire is: “A large two-door cupboard, usually movable and containing shelves, hanging space and sometimes drawers.  It is often highly decorated. It is also known as a wardrobe. It was originally used for storing arms.” The armoire has served many purposes throughout the years. It was a slow transition from weapons storage to clothing closets. One way that the upper class and nobles distinguished themselves from the lower classes was with extravagant clothing. Rather than filling chest after chest with luxury garments and crushing everything together, they built huge rooms with closets to hang all their wonderful clothing. Something new was on the horizon in the form of an... read more

Anniversary Sale

We’re celebrating our 21st year in business!!  Our furniture vendors & location have changed several times but our FANTASTIC customers have not changed.  We always enjoy assisting with your furniture & home decor needs & hope we can continue to provide quality products & design assistance with your newest projects.  We are offering Anniversary Specials through the month of November with up to 20% off special orders & many new showroom pieces available at great prices!  Plus treats & prizes will be available , so please swing by, enjoy some refreshments, & help us celebrate our 21st... read more

Summer Showroom Clearance!

New merchandise is arriving for our showroom’s fall display, so we are selling most of our floor models.  Huge Savings up to 60%off our regular retail price!!  Plus all accessories are 20% off (unless already discounted).  Hurry in for best selection! read more

Summer Sofa Sale

Our Summer Sofa Sale is in FULL SWING, with savings of 20% on all special order sofas* during the month of June!! So, it’s a great time to order that perfect new sofa.  Plus, ask us about extra savings on select floor models.   * excludes Body Builder fabrics from Temple Furniture.  We are offering a 10% discount off our everyday low prices for this... read more

Annual Chair Sale @ A&M Home Furnishings!

A & M Home Furnishings is excited to announce our annual Chair Sale during April. All chairs, including special orders, are 20% off!! We have a variety of chairs in our showroom, but also work with over 20 different manufacturers, so let us help you find the “perfect”... read more

Studio 7H Collection by Hooker Furniture

The response has been great for the Studio 7H collection pieces we have on our showroom floor. This collection by Hooker Furniture is a combination of Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian & Rustic Chic which all seem to blend & work together. Most of the pieces have multiple functions & can be used in a variety of spaces. The finishes & textures are great & we think it is a versatile collection for almost any... read more

Thank you for the successful Anniversary Sale!

We wanted to thank everyone who participated & visited our store during our 20th Anniversary Sale.  It was a great success due primarily to all our great customers (new & previous).  Our Mini Room Makeover was won by Carol plus lots of other folks won gift certificates & other prizes.  Thanks... read more

20th Anniversary Celebration

We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary in the furniture business with 20 days of special sales!  We want to invite our customers (past & future) to join us in the celebration.  Please visit our showroom for gifts, giveaways and great prices on all special orders October 19th-November 7th. Our wonderful giveaways include candles, accessory gift cards, a comfortable  chair of your choice from Rowe Fine Furniture, an accent chest from Hooker Furniture, an accent table from Caracole, and a grand prize of a Mini Room Makeover valued at $1200. Prize drawings to be held November 7th.  No purchase necessary to enter & you need not be present to win.  You will be notified by e-mail or phone. We hope to see you... read more


Great discounted prices through the month. Our goal is to help you find the perfect furniture for your home and to make your shopping experience enjoyable and easy. Our showroom at 6960 W 105th St in Overland Park, KS is designed to show you a sample of what we offer.  We display our favorite and most popular upholstery frames from five different manufacturers including Robin Bruce and Sam Moore.  Our goal is to help you find the perfect unique look that fits your style, needs and budget.  We also strive to make the shopping adventure as stress free and fun as possible! In addition to upholstery, we offer accent furniture and accessories to complete the look. Plus we also provide a complimentary in home design consultation to get everything started! So come by the showroom, relax, visit and we’ll see how we can... read more

Important Rug Tips & Facts

Area rugs are one of the easiest ways to freshen and change the look of your room.  Even an inexpensive rug is an investment because you took the time to shop and search for the perfect look.  So we wanted to provide a few tips for extending the life of your new rug. Vacuum your rug carefully.  The best type of vacuum is a canister vacuum without a beater bar, or even better, vacuum using the handheld attachment.  Vacuums have so much suction that they can often pull out the threads from the back of the rug unless used gently.  Avoid running the vacuum over the finished edges of a rug because this can loosen the fibers around the edges.  Also be careful of running the vacuum near any fringed edges. All wool rugs will shed.  The shedding will subside over time, depending on the traffic and wear.  It typically takes over 20 vacuums to minimize shedding.  Some wool rugs will never completely stop shedding, so this is considered normal. Loose fibers, or sprouts, are also a normal part of a new handmade rug.  You can remove the sprouts by snipping them off even with the rug pile using a small pair of scissors.  Do not pull the fiber out, this can cause damage to the backing of the rug. A new rug might also have an odor.  These odors are caused by dyes and yarns that have been placed in a sealed wrap during shipping.  Most odors will disappear within a week once the rug is opened and removed from its wrapper. Be aware that rugs will fade... read more

Our new showroom is open and we would love to see you!

The move is finally over ( whew!!), and the weather is gorgeous.  We have been able to open all the doors and work on the new showroom.  As with most moves, there are always a few hiccups and this one was no exception.  We apologize if anyone tried to call and we didn’t get the message or call you back.  We were without phone lines for several days, but we are now up an running. Of course, not everything works in a new space.  We hear that a lot from customers when they move, ” the furniture just doesn’t work anymore”.  We feel your pain….we are having some of our own.  We have moved all the excess merchandise to a temporary clearance center next to the Fitness Gallery and we have discounted the prices even more to sell these items as quickly as possible.  We have 5 x 7 area rugs starting at $75 and much, much more.  So swing by the new location at 6960 W 105th St, and we’ll walk you over to bargain shop! Plus, now that everything is getting settled, we will be able to concentrate on our website and be able to show you all the new and exciting products we are bringing in…so keep watching…we promise not to be so long between posts.  Have a great... read more

We’ve Moved! 

A&M Home Furnishings is now at 6960 W 105th Street in Overland Park! We are still polishing up, but our new showroom should be open as of July 6th. We also have a clearance space opening on July 1st, just around the corner at 10393 Metcalf. Extra inventory has got to go, and we’ll be featuring “rock bottom” prices. Feel free to stop on by, or give us a... read more
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