A Warm Welcome to Mary

A Warm Welcome to Mary

Mary Van Becelaere is our newest designer at A&M with over thirty five years’ experience in the interior design business. Mary was the owner of her own store in Littleton, CO and recently moved back to Kansas City to be closer to her family, especially her grandchildren. We are excited to welcome her to our team! When asked why she loves interior design Mary says, “It’s my passion. Looking at a room or a space and transforming it into a welcoming place is so much fun. I enjoy making things beautiful!”

Mary is inspired by many aspects of the design industry. A favorite designer she enjoys is Sarah Richardson, a Canadian designer who has a crisp fresh look to her design style. Black is a favorite accent color of Mary’s, using it often in her creations. When asked her overall favorite color she shares “the many versions of jade”.

While Mary is still adjusting being back in Kansas City, she believes that she will soon be settled and ready to work on a new “fix & flip”, another one of her pastimes affiliated with design.

Mary is “very pleased to be at A&M” and we are very pleased to have her. Welcome Mary!

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